Pare in Love

Hi Guys…

How are you today…??? I hope u will doing fine….

Well, actually I wanna try to share the story abwt my experiance in PARE..  I came to PARE two weeks ago.. I came here with my best ever soulmate… His name Andi. Our trip began from my house, on tuestday 12.00 o’clock PM . My friend Hendra drove me to the bus station in Mandalika’s station. And you know guys…. the bus was delayed… Oh My God… !!!

We arrived to the harbour abwt 30 minutes from the station, we went to PARE by bus.. and you know…. We’ve spent 24 hours on the trip….  I was very tired… But… It’s not bored anymore cause I have my beloved one in my side… he cares abwt me… he always make me happy… a long the trip… hehehe

After we arrived in PARE, i am so tired….  we met with  Mr.Riyan, he is so kind and very nice people…  We took the program on RnB course.  And you know guys… the living cost in PARE is cheaper than  LOMBOK..  Do you know, we can eat so many kind of food from juice until “Ayam penyet lalapan” just under  Rp.5000.  Wow… it’s so cheap yeah… ^^

Okey friend… maybe next time we will continue again….  See you with the next story about “PARE IN LOVE” part two…… Bye-Bye…. ^^


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